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        A hot city, a must-go city, Haida and you meet the mountain city of Chongqing

        Release time:2019-07-11

        Cmi-plastic 2018 will be held in Chongqing International Expo Center from September 19 to 21, 2018.


        At the appointed time, Haida plastic machine will bring the fruit basket special machine HD450L which attracts much attention in the industry and the high precision hydraulic servo energy-saving injection molding machine will appear in the exhibition.


        Booth No. : Hall N4 D02


        Basket special HD450L


        Value advantage: improve the injection speed, fast molding

        Design of hydraulic system with increased displacement, the injection speed is faster than similar products, shorten the molding cycle


        Injection stability, more worry

        The injection parts adopt the integral base and the two-cylinder balanced injection device, which makes the screw force balance evenly during the injection process, and improves the injection stability significantly.


        Highly rigid formwork

        According to the characteristics of the basket mold, professional design template, template stress distribution, small deformation, effectively improve the precision of the product;
        Adopt the pressure center template structure, improve the precision of the product effectively.


        Structural characteristics of

        Specially designed high efficiency large diameter screw, not only the injection volume is large, but also the storage time is shortened;

        Adopt special screw barrel, good plasticizing effect, fast glue melting speed, suitable for large injection volume;

        Increased power system, injection speed faster, shorten the production cycle, improve production efficiency;

        New rigid frame, more obvious shock absorption, more stable production;

        The new clamping unit, with high safety factor pull rod, improves the rigidity and stability of the clamping structure.


        Oil-electric compound high precision servo energy saving injection molding machine

        Haida oil-electric composite high precision servo energy-saving injection molding machine is a new type of injection molding machine developed according to the characteristics of the domestic plastic product market.
        Is the domestic market industry initiative.


        High precision

        Oil-electric compound molding machine is now the highest precision machine.
        It adopts the compound operation of pressure, flow rate and position control to realize the full closed loop control with high precision and repeatability.


        Improve productivity

        Rapid response and high production efficiency;
        High repetition precision, saving raw materials.


        Excellent energy saving property

        Power saving: During the cooling stage, the motor does not need to work, and the power consumption is 0.

        Water and oil saving: Compared with the traditional hydraulic power system, the amount of hydraulic oil can be reduced by 1/4~1/3, which can realize no cooling, thus greatly saving water.


        Longer machine life, cleaner working environment

        Less noise emissions: hydraulic system noise control within national standards.

        Waste heat and cooling energy requirements are low, and it is more suitable for the production environment with air conditioning: the oil temperature of the injection molding machine increases by 8℃ -10℃ from startup to steady state.


        September 19 -21

        Chongqing International Expo Center

        Hall N4 booth D02

        Haida plastic machine and you see ~

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